Critical Reflection

In these 13 weeks of CPD learning, we managed to explore how effective interpersonal communication can impact individual, departmental and or organizational success within workplace context. The importance and effect of non-verbal communication were explained through the discussion of how body language and active listening can impact the quality of relationships with others. In addition, verbal communications skills were applied throughout the module as we wrote blog posts in both professional and non-professional settings, such as the formal email introduction and interpersonal communication problem at workplace context. Feedbacks were then exchanged between peers for further improvements.

As conflict is inevitable in both workplace and interpersonal relationships conflicts, we were able to understand the nature of conflict and learnt how can we solve it through different approaches. I found the five conflict-handling modes very useful and applicable as it explains a person’s behavior in two basic dimensions; assertive and cooperativeness.  Towards the second half of the module, we worked in a group of 3-4 people and were tasked to identity interpersonal communication problem in a certain workplace context. For my team, we have decided to focus on language barriers in housekeeping department due to the heavily reliance on foreign talents. All the knowledge we gained over the weeks were applied as we developed synopsis for our project, storyboard and training video to solve the common issue in the hospitality industry.

On the whole, this learning journey has been very fulfilling as it made me a better communicator in terms of effective writing and listening skills.


One thought on “Critical Reflection

  1. Dear Karine,

    Thanks for the sweeping reflection on the module. I’m glad you found areas like the blogging and peer feedback a good learning experience. It also warms my heart that your project focus was something you and your teammates felt strongly about. We all appreciated your contribution.

    I hope you can transfer some of the skills the skills and know-how learnt or polished in CPDII to future study and work.

    All the best as you continue your learning journey!



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